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Why is accuracy and stability of linear motor wire EDM machine not so good?


In the mold industry, most of the precision plastic mold processing size accuracy of ± 5μm can be, the brand's walking machine can meet the processing requirements.


For high-precision stamping die processing, with a higher processing accuracy requirements. Precision wire walking machine can achieve within ± 2μm within the high-precision machining, but in the real test to accept the occasion, the machining accuracy is not referring to the accuracy of a processing, more importantly, continuous processing, multi-piece processing accuracy stability.


The main machine on the market is servo motor and linear motor. Straight motor wire walking machine can get a very high speed, but the stability of its processing accuracy compared to the servo motor walking machine is worse.

For example, in a template on the continuous cut 10 the same size of the hole, the use of linear motor precision walking machine after processing, its size is discrete, some holes are too large, some hole size is too small, this The error can not improve the dimensional accuracy by correcting the offset. The use of precision servo motor wire walking machine processing of the dimensional stability is extremely high, the size is either too large, or are too small, only need to fine-tune the offset to get high-precision size results.

Therefore, in the real high-precision walking wire processing, in order to maintain the stability of precision, the general use of the servo motor precision walking machine.

So, why the linear motor walking machine accuracy and stability is not so good?

We all know that temperature changes are important factors that affect machining accuracy. Linear motor is an important feature of "fever", linear motor power consumption, heat is also very large. The linear motor mover fixed to the bottom of the table is a high-heat-generating part that is not conducive to natural heat dissipation and poses a great challenge to the thermostatic control of the machine. The machine design must be fitted with a forced cooling circuit and the shop must be fitted with special heat Pipe, otherwise it will use the workshop temperature increased significantly.

Obviously, the linear heat generated by the linear motor itself is a direct factor affecting the stability of the machining speed of this wire conveyor.